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Nut & Bolt Fastening Solutions makes window and door fastener buying simple by offering comprehensive bin-stock programs, customized to the clients specific needs.  As a result, Nut & Bolt has established a long, proven record of ensuring a smooth steady supply to manufacturing lines, virtually eliminating shutdowns as a result of fastener shortage.

In addition, Nut & Bolt provides bar coding, installation screw kits, waste reduction initiatives, blanket pricing for cost stability, and short-term prototype manufacturing.

Industry specific products include: coated screws, exact color match painted screws, Type F, Teks (self-drilling), leader points, special shoulder screws, vinyl holding screws, Type 17 cutting point, and mullion fasteners. Both 410 and 18-8 stainless are available.


We Offer…

Self-tapping screws Thread cutting screws
Hi-Lo screws Vinyl-lock screws
Wood screws Tek screws
Particle board screws Paint to order screws
Rivets Alignment screws and bushings
Self-drilling screws Specials
Drywall screws

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