Inventory Management

Nut & Bolt Fastening Solutions offers a host of inventory management services designed to streamline your production processes.

Inventory Management H&S Sales


Nut & Bolt offers a host of inventory management services designed to streamline your production processes by making the correct fasteners available to your production and maintenance departments. We work closely with your team to create an optimal supply program that makes the appropriate amount of inventory available when you need it. As VMI specialists, Nut & Bolt will design a program to help monitor, manage, and access the products you use every day.  In addition, we can electrically integrate to further streamline the replenishment process.


– JIT, VMI and Kanban systems

– Consigned inventory

– Maintenance, Repair and Operations Systems (Bins and Replenishment)

– Stocking & automated order replenishment

– Fastener Store in your facility complete with staffing

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